Freelance Membership Approval system

Freelance Membership site approval system; paid "gold membership" not for sale. By checking the work and past references of an approved member. Really working in the relevant industry and is confirmed to be an above-average employee. No one can pay money and become an expert. It is confirmed that the person / institution is able to do business by making the necessary examination. Advertisements and promotions are required for an annual fee announced to all members.

approved member When you see this sign, you can understand that the personal information entered by that person is correct and is really doing the job he is an expert on. Certified members or companies that appear on the Partners list may be higher in the list.

To become a certified member, you can apply to the site administration via e-mail.

The following information may be requested from the Member over the phone:

  • Telephone number that can be reached during the day.
  • If the agency; workplace license sample and address information.
  • References from previous clients.
  • Selected images from her own works.
  • Personal photo as profile picture.


tech support When you see this sign, it means that the post has technical support and you can trust it when bidding.

If you receive technical support while making a counterbid, you will have double-sided assurance. The security of the work and payment is 95% guaranteed.

We leave 5% option because the work may be delayed in case of loss of life and serious mishaps, even in this case, our technical support team will use every opportunity to complete the work.

Technical support is paid, you can apply to this email address for fee information and necessary details: