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Freelance: means freelancing. The word is "independent warrior" in English. It means. In general terms, it means a person who works independently; Its official equivalent in Turkey is self-employed. Contrary to what is known, freelancers do not aim to sleep around, there is no one who pays a salary at the end of the month, and there is no one who waits and interferes with what and how to do, this is the difference with a normal worker. There is still a financial problem, but he has the freedom to do the job he loves at the size he wants.

In a company like Gamikro, Games graphics and advertising graphics are widely seen in areas such as design work, translators, Design projects, Web site. . The freelancer earns his income not by salary, but by pricing his work or by hourly work. Working hours also vary according to the request of the person. The freelancer is only responsible for doing the job of the employer, insurance and other needs are not the client's concern. Freelancing is a way some companies prefer on a periodic basis; Freelance workers are sought in case of excessive workload or when very high quality work is required. Freelancers can work faster and more smoothly, which creates an advantageous situation for employers.

Freelancers exhibit more moderate attitudes and can act flexibly compared to the employees in the firm; For example, when the salary is delayed at work, normal employees feel uncomfortable because their only source of livelihood is the workplace, while freelancers can find a job through many channels, and look for other workplaces instead of relying on the workplace that is delayed. There are many workplaces with which it has agreements and connections. When necessary, he calls his contacts and evaluates job offers.


The advantages of freelancing

Freelance has many advantages if it uses communication channels correctly. Freelancers have a more free working environment than salaried workers, as they do not rent their time and earn money only in proportion to the work they do. Since his work intensity and work preferences depend on his own will, he does not have to be accountable to anyone. Work pressure is also somewhat less than for an ordinary employee, as the working hours are set at his own will. On the other hand, since it is not affiliated with a workplace, it is free from pressure from employees and superiors. The options for laziness and overwork are always ahead (often overworked for a regular worker). On the other hand, someone who works on a salary in a place can work as a freelancer in the field of which you are an expert as an additional job. Especially those who do their side work secretly while working at the workplace are not freelancers but time thieves and are considered to have used the time paid by the boss for their personal purposes.


Disadvantages of freelancing

Although the freedom side of freelance work looks good from the outside, it also has its bad sides. The most important problem; There is no business continuity for freelancers. When he does not have a job, he should look for the job himself and think about issues such as bargaining. Therefore, there is no guarantee of a permanent income. Sometimes the work is busy, some periods may not earn money for days, months. On the other hand, if the freelancer does not have social security work done by his own means, he is deprived of social security and pension rights. Another disadvantage is the possible problems he will experience in getting the reward of his labor. If the freelancer does not guarantee his job with a good contract, he may have great difficulties in getting paid. Most of the freelancers do not know their rights in the current system. For this reason, sometimes the employer takes the floor and the employee's right is defeated.

How to become a freelancer

Although it seems to be the choice of people who think that they will work more efficiently under free conditions, in our country, individuals often become freelancers because they cannot find a job. Or, he turns to freelance work by doing additional work because his income is not enough. The general and misconception is that freelance work is considered to mean tax-free work, and it appears as a source of unregistered income. However, as well as being a freelancer with tax registration, it is also possible to work officially tax-free for earnings below certain annual limits. In short, depending on the preferences, freelancing is an ideal lifestyle for some, while for another, it is a livelihood that they have to endure or have to make additionally. In particular, it is seen that employees or students in government institutions do freelance work. But for a person to be called a freelancer, "free"; It is a priority to work without being affiliated to an institution by emphasizing the word. An officer who does additional work once a year is not considered a freelancer.

Freelancing is essentially; is a lifestyle. What is freelance means getting rid of bosses and being able to survive on your own. It means taking a risk, not hiding behind someone's back and getting reassurance.

After graduating from school, a person makes two choices:

  1. Search for a job and work with insurance and a fixed salary.
  2. If she has money, she starts her own business.

Freelancers are usually people who want to do option 2 but have no capital, their goal is to first self-employ and build infrastructure, then grow and start a company.

Very rarely, idealistic people will "love what they love". He gives up the other two options to do business, he does not start a business even if he has money. Instead of dealing with the problems of being a freelance boss, she does what she loves for people who really need it. His concern is not to make money, but to showcase what he loves and does really well. But if he has no other source of income, he has to deal with people instead of doing what he loves. Here, a real freelancer is someone who dedicates himself to what he loves.

The most important issue to be a freelancer is to strengthen the communication channels and to have companies that he can call when he does not have a job. If you have enough connections, you can start doing business and become a freelancer.


Freelance tax and legal issues

Freelancers can work tax-free, as well as taxpayers in simple and real procedures. For each case, various possibilities exist in tax laws. Freelancers can protect their rights under all circumstances. Contracting for the work they do is the strongest shield for a Freelance employee. With the signed contract, freelance can always protect their rights legally. In non-contractual works, if he can prove that the job has been given, he can collect his receivables up to 2500 TL through legal means. However, for this, he must be able to prove that the job has been taken. In this sense, it can also prove the receipt of the job via an e-mail. If the e-mail clearly states that the work to be done is sent by the employer and is sent as a job, it is possible to seek rights for works without a contract.

Tax Free Official Freelance work

In order to work tax-free, a person must be earning below a certain limit. If the person earns a total annual income of less than 50,000 TL (the value in 2012, fifty thousand TL), this person can officially work as a freelancer without paying taxes or registering with the tax office. In return for his work, he can sign a receipt for his client. The important point here is that the freelancer does not pay the tax for the work he does, but the employer has to pay that tax. For this reason. Freelancers should take the job by stating that the prices they pay for the jobs are independent of tax and VAT. In other words, when you get a job, the company you do the job pays the tax on the money you receive to the tax office on your behalf. Considering this situation in your contracts, it is necessary to state that the price given does not include taxes and VAT, in order to prevent future problems. Another restriction is that you cannot do business with the same company in a year without tax registration for a total of 30,000 (Thirty thousand TL) TL. If you have done more than 30,000 business with a company, you must have tax registration. You can do tax-free business for more than one company, up to a total of 50,000 TL.

Freelance work as a taxpayer in simple procedure.

It is not very attractive to work as a freelancer in a simple way, because there is an upper limit of 35,000 TL in total per year. (For freelance jobs, the limit is defined in this way. It is for the year 2012.) People who work above this limit have to be taxpayers in the real method. In the simple method, the tax is proportional to the earnings. There are no additional charges or taxes. The advantages of being a taxpayer in the simple procedure are:

  • No Book is kept in Commercial Procedure.
  • Tax withholding is not done and withholding tax return is not given.
  • Temporary tax is not paid.
  • Delivery and services of taxpayers who are taxed in a simple way are exempt from value added tax.
  • In the determination of commercial income, purchases and sales of economic assets subject to depreciation are not taken into account.
  • Records of the documents received and given are kept in the offices of the professional chambers to which the taxpayers are affiliated. However, taxpayers can keep their own records without getting permission from anywhere, or they can have it attached to members of the profession.

Simple Procedural Liability Conditions

  1. Working or being present in one's own business, (using assistant workers and apprentices in one's business, temporarily not being at work due to essential departures such as travel, illness, old age, military service, detention and conviction does not invalidate this condition. In case of death, the widow of the business owner) or if the work is continued on behalf of their young children, whether they are actually in charge of the work or not.)
  2. Not to be subject to actual income tax due to commercial, agricultural or professional activities.


How much tax does the sole proprietorship pay

Actual Taxpayer Freelance work.
Real procedure taxpayer, "Sole proprietorship" for definition can be used. Sole proprietorships may or may not be partners, but each partner must be a taxpayer. In other words, there is no partnership in tax liability, there is a partnership in the business. When establishing or closing private companies, it is sufficient to apply to the tax office. The application petition is a form received from the tax office that contains basic information such as the nature of the work to be done, the identity information of the person, workplace and home address. Apply to the tax office of your county. On the day the application petition is submitted to the tax office, a notary public approval of the book is required. (This is important, otherwise irregularity penalty will be imposed.) After the application, the tax officer comes to the workplace survey. And you need to confirm your tax plate. If you are going to work with an accountant, the accountants approve the tax sheet. You can show your home as a workplace (Home Office). At the end of each year, the ledger must be certified. A monthly statement must be submitted. Withholding tax is paid quarterly and provisional tax is paid once a year.

For a sole proprietorship, you can follow up your tax office affairs yourself, or you can have them followed up with an accountant. It is recommended that you contact an accountant to avoid penalties for irregularities.
There is no initial cost, except for the costs of a sole proprietorship, a notary fee of 120-150 TL for book certification. An invoice must also be printed. The invoice can be printed by the printing house, or you can have a notarized invoice made by stamping an invoice. If you do not use many invoices, you can get an invoice stub from the stationery office approved by the Notary for a cost of 50-70 TL.
You can show your house as a workplace, you can show the rent as an expense. You can show every expenditure you make as an expense with a document and you can deduct it from tax. Except for VAT, you pay an annual tax, which is proportional to your annual tax earnings, equal to twenty percent of the earnings. You must also pay quarterly rental withholding. This rate is about 22 percent per month.

You also need to register as Bağkur for Social Security. For Bağkur registration, you must first register with the Chamber of Craftsmen and Craftsmen. Professional associations have annual dues. You have to pay a contribution of 150-200 TL every year. You must apply to Bağkur after registration in the chamber where your profession is located. You have to make your monthly premium payments for Bağkur, delays in payments will prevent you from benefiting from health services.

What is Homeofis, what to pay attention to.

Home office is a way of working at home. You can be an employee of a company, or you can use your home as your own workplace. Some companies give their provincial representations as home offices and the employee is provided to represent the company from his home. He does his job interviews outside and does not always have to go to the workplace. Some companies adopt and support this way of working to motivate their employees and cut office expenses. The employee can work more comfortably, away from pressure and with a free spirit. Especially with the widespread use of the Internet, the home office working style, which is very common in the world, is not as widespread as it should be in our country yet. This way of working, which is especially preferred by forward-thinking employers who are respectful to the employees and focused only on production, should be supported and expanded.

On the other hand, you can also do your own work as a freelance in the home office format, in accordance with business lines such as the IT sector, creative works or design works. This form of work may be of a formal nature; When you specify your home as the address to the tax office, your home will officially be your workplace. Although it seems positive in terms of providing a comfortable and flexible working environment, the home office working style can be objectionable as it encourages a life away from social life. In addition, considering that there are possibilities such as sagging, postponement of work due to the complacency in the home environment, it may not be a suitable working style for everyone. Don't do work in your home if you don't have enough self-discipline.

In addition, working in the home office is very difficult and tiring for those who live in the same house with their families. Workplace means delaying meals when necessary. At home, the head of the family should be at the table at meal time. Even such time splits slow things down. If there is a child, it becomes impossible to do business, because the child is curious about the work and wants to do it himself.

If a married person with children is going to work freelance, it will be efficient to give a room in the workplace he has agreed to or to rent a joint office with another freelance employee, as his spouse or children in the house will interfere, the work efficiency will decrease.

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