Our aim

As Freelancem.com, our primary goal is to provide job opportunities to Freelance employees. Other purposes will support this and will be in the same direction. Our second aim is to provide training opportunities to freelancers and to advise on their legal problems. Contributing to their lives with social events and entertainment activities to be organized is one of our other goals.


Freelancem.com site was established for freelancers. "Freelance: a person who is dedicated and in love with his job". While his work is seen as difficult and time consuming for others, it is a source of entertainment even if it is difficult for him. From this point of view, "freelancem.com"; The purpose of the website is to add more color to the lives of employees. Entertainment does not mean wandering and being idle. Working in the branch one loves is the greatest fun.


For a freelancer, a person or an institution can be a customer, real companies working in the same field are not their competitors, they are customers who want to benefit from their services. In this respect, the more companies freelancers can reach, the more customers they will have. Freelancem.com site promotes and advertises its expert members to reach more customers and offers different services in this direction.

Freelancem.com also aims to provide information and lead new customers to the market in order to prevent customers from being deceived by malicious and incompetent people. A job can also be overpaid, but being overcharged by an unfamiliar newbie is just a waste of time. Even if you give a job to an expert at the last minute, it is very difficult to catch up. It will be beneficial for both parties that the right people are employed on time and that quality work receives full wages.

An expert who loves his job will not try to deceive you, he just does his job, and does it very well. "We need poor quality work" If you say that, it is a mistake to call an expert from the beginning. If you disgrace the whole job and then go to a specialist when you want to get a poor quality job done, of course, the price you come across will be too much for you. Because you want the clumsy work of a student, not the real price of the job. Then don't go to an expert and be treated like a novice. "I want quality work" to a specialist not called, because his job is to do quality work.


Business Ethics

Tell an expert about your purpose in detail, list your wishes, and the expert will tell you the production time and price. It does not look at the customer's dominance of the business. "This customer doesn't know the business, let me get triple the money" he doesn't think. His expectation is to gain a satisfied customer and a friend who will recommend him to his acquaintances to do similar works in the future. Freelance is not a tradesman, negotiating trades with an expert is pointless. If you seek an expert just with such expectations, as you will soon realize, you will be wasting your time. Experts do not have to worry about doing business at half the market price. He is not at all concerned about saving the day. If you look at the price offered by the students in the market and try to offer half of it, you will become ridiculous without realizing it.

Search the market before you bid, you will have an average price in mind, it is good to say your budget when bidding for a job, but you cannot expect to get very low prices according to your budget. The price of the job may vary depending on the time spent and the skill. A freelancer won't do you low-priced work just because your budget is low. If anyone claims to do a low-cost job, it's either a student who doesn't know the job and makes a living off of his father's money, or he's a swindler. After receiving the down payment, it is unlikely that you will see that person again. If possible, have a contract signed and be sure to see your ID before giving the deposit. Make a plan for how to fix it, even after the job blows up.

If you're looking for shoddy work, hire a minimum wage worker and expect a lot from him. Since he does graphic design for cheap, he should also arrange the accounting documents and check the incoming calls. If he knows how to drive, let him carry the products to be delivered, and pay for electricity and water while he is ready. Even if he delays his main duty, Graphic Design, you will deduct him from his salary. We did not charge for these recommendations, if you notice, you brought the recommendations for free.

Who`s Right

freelance problem

When doing a job, you need to agree with the other person and determine this with a signed interview. This both ensures the trust of both parties and makes it easier to determine who is right in case of a dispute. For this reason, when making the contract, it will be appropriate for both parties to carefully write down the articles such as The duration of the work, the fee, the limit for correcting mistakes, what the deposit will be in case of disagreement.. A contract signed between two people does not put you in any legal danger, as long as you get the contract right, you don't have to be afraid. In fact, both parties should be serious about the contract. Sentences such as 'these are details, unnecessary paperwork or our word is bond' are round words, and when the money is delayed or the work is done incompletely, that very reliable person suddenly disappears and turns into an angry and careless person. Honest people do not get angry at the moment of problems, they try to understand the other person. Secure your job from the beginning and make a contract to search for a solution quickly after the job explodes.

Freelancem.com site management considers the satisfaction of both parties before asking for commission in any problem. You didn`t initially consider the option to give commissions, but if you're looking for someone to consult when the business explodes, we'll still be here. We can find someone to do your job faster, and we can find someone to do it cheaper.

However, if you do not have a contract, even a bank transfer receipt, and you handed over the money, we cannot be a party to a matter that you cannot prove. Neither lawyer can be a party.

Important Note: We can provide consultation support in the advertisements posted on our site. We cannot be expected to provide consultancy support for those who do business with someone you find on Facebook or who secretly give their email address on our site and do business without our knowledge. Wherever you found that person, you should ask for support from that site. If you are doing business among yourself, you have to find a solution among yourself. Opening a tender will benefit you in every way.

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