What is Technical Support

technical support

Our technical support website is different from many other sites and consists of experts in their fields and knowledgeable in legal matters.

In order to get support, you start the process by marking the relevant section at the stage where you advertise or at the job offer stage. Afterwards, our expert staff examines the objectives of the work and gives an approximate price.

Technical Support for Customers

Customers will see the technical support option for the job posting when the offer is approved. If you get technical support: You will be assured of the work to be done.

  • After your ad is reviewed by the technical team, you will be informed about the fee.
  • The necessary contract will be prepared to secure the work and it will be signed by the person who will do the work.
  • When the time given for the work is halfway, the level reached by the authorized personnel will be checked and a possible delay will be determined in advance.
  • In order to avoid delay, the person doing the work will be warned.
  • If it seems that the work will not be completed in the stipulated time, you will be notified before the deadline.
  • Your job will be transferred to an expert who works faster in line with your request.
  • The quality standard will be ensured by checking at the end of the work.
  • Excess payment for poor quality work will be prevented and payment will be made over the lower limit.

Technical Support for Freelance

Freelancers will see the technical support option at the stage of bidding. If the offer marked at this stage is accepted, It will be ensured that he receives the technical support provided by freelancem.com.

  • As she is a certified member, the deficiencies in her portfolio will be corrected and suggestions will be made on the issues that need to be corrected.
  • The job offer will be reviewed and corrections will be made if necessary.
  • The name will be given priority in the offer list and its importance will be emphasized.
  • When she gets the job, a contract will be prepared and her work and the money she will receive will be guaranteed.
  • At the end of the job, she will receive support during the delivery and payment stages and the customer will not have any problems with money.
  • In cases such as non-payment or excessive delay, the customer will apply to the technical support team independently.
  • If the customer is defective, it will be recorded in the system and the same problem will be prevented in the next works.

Any analysis and warning made in the system is for the benefit of both parties. This system will be useful for anyone who wants to do business honestly.

Technical Support for Games

Our supporter Gamikro continues its progress in the game market and is looking for teammates. You can use instagram/@gamikro or Youtube @gamikro links to reach our supporter. If you want to work on game coding or game graphics, you can send a message from the Instagram Gamikro page. Take a look at the Gold Miner game, drawing graphics at that level with Adobe illustrator will be enough to get started.

Note: In order to get technical support, we need to get to know you first. It is not possible to do business with just an e-mail address.

Approved membership and you can work safely with other approved members and job owners.