Freelance Membership Agreement website membership rules are written below and can be changed by the administration. In case of possible changes, action is taken by considering the interests of the members.
Memberships of those who engage in different activities under the name of a member are cancelled, and the management is not obliged to explain or give an account to any institution or person for the canceled memberships. People who follow the rules and treat other members with respect have priority to protect. Only approved members have the right to object and complain about various issues. Persons whose name and address are unknown and who go to any free site and receive an e-mail address have limited right to speak on the website. This site aims to provide real job opportunities to real people.

hidden Membership Rules
  • website has been established only to serve members who want to do business. The right to delete or block memberships opened for other purposes belongs to the administration.
  • Firms, Agencies and private institutions can become members of the site by specifying the member type. If he wants, he can benefit from the advantages of the company for a fee.
  • Payment and contract will be made between the person who does the work and the person who gives the job.
  • website does not take sides in the work done, it is not the application authority in case of a dispute. It can help with the details of the contract, but if the contract is not made, our website does not accept any liability.
  • Web site management may charge a monthly fee or a fee for services such as advertising/documentation.
  • The management may change the fees to be paid when it deems necessary. Site management may request members to advertise and promote freelance employees.
  • Anyone can post a job as a member only.
  • Approved members are given priority in job applications.
  • When the site management deems it necessary, they can reach the relevant people by phone and ask for details.
Profile Writing Rules
  • Member cannot give open phone in profile information. The detected membership is closed.
  • Member cannot advertise other websites on their profile page. (Only website builders can add their websites to the reference section.)
  • Member shares only copyrighted images in reference images.
  • Memberships that enter information with stolen photos will be closed. In case of legal action, our site will delete the relevant studies from the site within 48 hours.
  • In case of illegal, divisive and offensive articles in the articles of the members, the membership is closed.

Everyone who is a member of the site is deemed to have accepted the rules. When the person who wants to delete his/her membership sends an email to, his/her membership can be deleted. The membership for which legal proceedings have been initiated is not deleted, only suspended.